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Monday, 14 August 2017

Experience sumptuous Thai food at Asia Kitchen, Acropolis Mall while you are in Kolkata

Impressive decor of Asia Kitchen

Kolkata is my home town and I am always proud of the richly varied culture exhibited by the city. There is no city in India which has a plethora of restaurants to satisfy the taste buds of a food lover. Whenever I get time, I explore new restaurants in my city. This time I bumped upon a new restaurant, ‘Asia Kitchen’, which is situated in Acropolis mall, Kasba. Well, I wanted to try authentic Thai, and this restaurant was my perfect choice. A vertical of Mainland China group, Asia kitchen has attracted critics and the food columns of renowned publications.
The Logo

The first glance: The restaurant situated on the fourth floor of Acropolis mall, attracts visitors and food lovers from the city as well as suburbs. The first glance of the restaurant is impressive, with typical Chinese decor on the walls. The restaurant area can accommodate almost 70-80 people at a time.  Flanked by attractive wooden furniture and an open kitchen, this restaurant is a desired place to hang around with friends in the weekend.
Friendly staff

The service: There is an array of choice of food. You will be presented with the menu card from where you may have an idea of the various delicacy served by them. You will be greeted by the friendly staff who will guide on the choice of food. I visited during lunch hour, so I preferred to take a standard four-course package. They were not having any option of the buffet at that hour.  We were offered starters and gradually other courses and the staff were at the best of their hospitality attitude. I visited the kitchen and took some snaps of the employees working there and they posed no objection.

Peanut and herb sauce as starter 

Chicken dumpling

Steam rice and chicken in red sauce

Hakka chow mien and chicken 

Fried noodles and ice cream

Mango cheese cake

The food: There are several varieties of food. We opted for a four-course meal named ‘’ The Fantastic Four Menus”, where we were served chicken eight treasure soup and sweet corn vegetable soup. Next, we waited for Vegetable basil flavored dumplings and chicken spring rolls. Obviously, we had a choice or choosing in each category. Since we were four, we had the option of more. The main menu consisted of steamed basmati rice and chicken in red curry. The chicken in red curry was truly awesome. (I tried to figure out the recipe and I am sure I will try once).  It had the characteristic Thai favor; I could smell lemon grass and ginger. We had an option of vegetable Hakka noodles with General Tao’s chicken. The chicken had a sweet flavor. Since I have an ‘open taste bud’ to all types of cuisine in this world; I felt it was simply fantastic. We were served mango cheese cake for dessert. There was another option in dessert namely, honey noodles with ice cream. This was a bit different but quite tasty.

The Verdict: Kolkata has a range of Chinese and other specialty cuisines. Asia Kitchen is a great attempt to get Kolkata acquainted to Thai food.  I don’t say that this is the first ever good Thai cuisine in Kolkata, but still, this specialty cuisine won my heart. Considering the warmth of the staff, the ambiance, the restaurant décor and the food I will rate the food as 4.5/5 stars. The quality of food was superb; I wish it keeps up to the standard whenever any reader (who’s reading this review article) reaches out to this restaurant for dinner.

There is nothing more a heavenly pleasure than enjoying good food is a quality restaurant.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A visit to Panari Resort near Thompson falls, Nyahururu

Eye soothing lush green lawn at Panari Resort

Nakuru is a place which is advantageous in terms of location. I have seen various development in Nakuru in the last 7 years. Be it business or infrastructure development, Nakuru is undoubtedly the fastest growing town in East Africa. A comparatively newly built resort near Thompson  Falls, Nayahururu developed by Panari group was our destination this weekend. As I told you that I am a great travel freak, any place recently visited by me never misses my travel column.

Map wing the way from Nakuru to Nyahururu

From Nakuru, it’s 49 km. The straight road from the highway by the left side of the flyover under construction will lead you to Nyahururu. We were not too early but somewhat between 9 am and 9:30 am we were ready with kids, bat, shuttle, balls, and water. The main places covered in this route are- Mawanga, Bahati, Subukia and ultimately Nyahururu.  While you are passing near Subukia you will get a pole which reads ‘you are near the equator’. We took some photos and thereafter carried on with our journey. We reached Nyahururu in another 25 minutes. Nyahururu is famous for Thompson Falls. Thompson Falls was named after David Thompson, the British explorer in 1809. The 74 meters waterfall originates from the Aberdare Mountain; it is a great place attracting tourists both local and International. Nyahururu town located in Laikipia County is a small place with some food joints and a large resort. There are various excursions that could be planned in case I had a day or two in hand. Laikipia Wildlife Conservancy is the home to almost 2000 elephants, which migrate between Mount Kenya and Samburu region. There are some finely striped zebras too. There are a hippo pool and Lake Ol Bolossat which is home to several birds.

Entrance Panari Resort

A cannon at the entrance 

Kids play area 
Activity for kids 
The First glance: Sprawling over 20 acres of land, Panari resort is like an oasis in a desert. This 5-star luxury resort was completed in 2016. So, we were one of the early birds here. There are 22 cottages and 4 rooms in each. The rooms are cozy and have state of the art décor. Each room is equipped with English style fireplace and wooden flooring. The view of the Thompson Falls is a marvelous site from the rooms. Nothing is more charming than waking up to the chirping of birds and the sound of the waterfall which relieves you from all worries.  This could be a very much desired honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. The area outside the cottage is a mind boggling green lawn which is maintained every hour. There are various activities to entertain the guests. Apart from a modern gym, swimming pool and yoga hall there is an attraction for kids like swing, slides and a trampoline. We saw some people cycling across the area. Some kids were enjoying the quad bike ride. There are a pool bar, silky oak bar and a restaurant named olive brown.

The restaurant
Service: The olive brown restaurant was a great place where you can hang out with friends. The sitting arrangement can easily accommodate 200 people at a time. There is a special arrangement for seminars and conference. The venue could be booked for the wedding and other events. The hotel staff was warm and hospitable. The menu had the wide choice of continental, Indian and Pan African cuisines.

Indian cuisine

Butter chicken

Food: We had opted for Indian cuisine. Chicken dishes were awesome, so was the naan. The 5 star rated restaurant was basically an all rounder which specializes in all types of cuisine. Indian lunch would cost (2500 -3000) Ksh per person.

Verdict:  If you are looking towards a special weekend for two or might be with friends then  Panari resort will be your desired destination. Have a quick view of the Thompson Falls, wildlife tour and the bird watching tour. Enjoy the resort, get rejuvenated at the spa, and enjoy swimming or the mouth watering meals. I say that a night stay is really worth the money spent. Although the rates are comparatively high but justify the luxury of a 5-star facility. The food is good and the area is awesome. Wake up to the mild roar of the waterfalls, listen to the chirping of birds or enjoy cycling around the area of the resort. You will definitely be pampered amidst the well-facilitated resort.  My overall rating of the resort is 4.5 / 5 stars.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Getting sun soaked and pampered amidst nature while being at Sentrium Lodge, Nakuru

View of the sleeping warrior while approaching Elementita

Staying at Nakuru has various advantages, one of those being living quite close to nature. Coming up as the fastest growing town in  East Africa, I have seen significant development in a span of 6 years. While industry and other urban development get a thumbs up, it’s a place which has areas of tourist interest like Nakuru National Park and Lake Elementita at stone throw distance. Weekends here is truly exciting ; you might travel to the resorts here where good food, spa , drinks and other awesome facilities  are available within a 30 minute drive from the town. Visitors from surrounding towns and cities prefer this place and it’s been a popular weekend gateway. While making your way to the rugged and bumpy road you may have a look at the crater set in between the lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru called as ‘sleeping warrior’.

The Sentrium Lodge

Room arrangement in Sentrium Lodge

The first glance: Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sprawling over few acres of land this resort is one of the preferred places of interest for nature lovers. Quite close to Kariandusi museum, Gilgil, this 4-star resort borders the shoreline of Lake Elementita. You will have to travel some uneven bumpy road while entering the resort from the highway. The ruggedness of the road gives you a feel like you are entering the interiors of an African village. You will be directed with signboards and arrows and will ultimately arrive at the desired venue. The very first of the place looks bears a rustic appearance and some traditional African décor. The warm, comfortable nature of the hotel staff will give you a ‘feel good factor’. There are total 86 guest rooms, a swimming pool area, a mini bar near the pool, dining area and a great arrangement where guests can enjoy the mysteries of The lake Elementita while chatting and sipping hot coffee.  What attracts a visitor is a serene atmosphere, the chirping of the birds and mild roaring of sea breeze. In one word it’s the most desired place to be sun soaked and pampered amidst the lap of nature.

Dining area

Comfortable sitting arrangement

Service: A day out here will be interesting to your family and friends. Get yourself rejuvenated in the spa, take a chilling dip at the swimming pool or enjoy the nature- this place will definitely fascinate you. The dining area is a large area with an arrangement for 200 people. We were greeted by the hotel staff with warm towels and then made our way into the culinary fantasies. There is some separate arrangement for people who come with toddlers and infants. They could find themselves equally comfortable. The food has African, Indian and continental variety. We found chefs who were preparing hot naans and serving- an act that is very much loved by food lovers. The arrangement was superb and the staffs were ready to offer a helping hand.  There were enough arrangements for both vegetarian and nonvegetarian preferring guests. The banquet area is given on hire for corporate and personal purposes.


Salad and sauces

Main course


Food: The food is a 4- course meal which is a combination of continental and Indian variety. Apart from buffet serving, you can choose out of the menu card and order food of your own choice. Buffet starts at 1500 KSH per person and children below 12 are charged 750 KSH. You can choose your own sitting area and quietly enjoy your food- appetizer, salad, main course, and desserts. The variety of salads is quite intriguing.  You may choose any variety of meat or fish with boiled vegetable and mashed potato or any other combination of your choice.  But to my opinion, there should have been some more variety of vegetarian preparations. My rating for the food is 4 out of 5 stars. 

Elementita lake from the lodge

Verdict: For nature lovers, this is the ultimate place. If you are staying in the surroundings of Nakuru or might be other cities, then definitely make a weekend plan over here and enjoy the natural beauty over Lake Elementita. You can make a plan for visiting the Nakuru National park, Hyrax hill, Menengai crater and return to the resort in the evening thereby enjoying the warm fireplace and the sumptuous meal.   The rooms are a bit pricey but depend largely on the seasonal fluctuation. If you are fond of bird watching and enjoy a stay beside the water side, then this resort will be the most desired of your choice. My ratings for the place are 4.5 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Day out at the Ziwa bush lodge- truly ‘out of the world experience’

The front view of the lodge

Whenever it’s a weekend, I feel like home is not the right place to stay. I am always in search of new places, lodges, hotels, restaurants where I can spend quality time with my family. It takes about 15 minutes by road to reach Ziwa bush lodge from Nakuru town. The place is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the town, from the highway approach road towards Njoro junction, you need to take a left turn and reach the resort. The approach road is not a tarmac one, so never expect a smooth drive but a bumpy one; after moving over the rough and dusty road, you will be relieved to see the sign board of Ziwa bush lodge and the awesome surprise waiting for you. It’s located at the prehistoric region Hyrax hill site and Menengai crater.

The dining area

Swimming pool area

Fishing - the greatest attraction

The side walk at Ziwa bush lodge

The fishing area

The first glance: Spread over some acres of land this 4- start resort is a great place for rejuvenation. There are 8 cottages for the guests. The arrangement is superb for a family of 2-4. The rooms are classified as family rooms and couple rooms.  It was my love at first sight for this awesome resort. The reception bears traditional African décor with those beautiful ‘wild life paintings’ all around. The cottages have thatched roof and are camp style. You will get all amenities like free wifi, hair dryer, shower, private bathroom with geyser arrangement, turn down service and a sit out area. There are various amenities and attraction like- fishing pool, swimming pool, spa and other recreation for the guests. We had entertaining and exciting time while fishing around with kids. It was nice to get spoilt in the natural beauty. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for a romantic couple, family, conference or might be if you are fond of an ecological tour. This is the perfect search for a photography tour or might be if you want to indulge in some writing stuff.

Awesome service

The service: The hospitality was warm. Guests, especially children get special attention from the friendly staff. The dining area is large having comfortable sitting arrangement. On one corner is a fire place, where you will love to be clicked. The furniture made of wood has given a special rustic look, which is truly impressive for the first time guest. You will be helped with a fishing rod or accompanied to the swimming pool or spa depending on your preference. This dining hall could be a great preference for party or conference. They have occasional marriage parties’ and we saw some ongoing arrangement.


Main course


Food: The food served is continental category, traditional and India variety. If you opt for buffet it will be a 4 course meal. You may sit comfortably either in the dining hall or in the fishing lounge and enjoy the food. Appetizer, main course, deserts and finally tea- that’s what the choice you will get by paying 1500KSH per head. For children below 12 it will be 850 KSH. Food is good especially the sea food dishes deserve special mention.

Verdict: I liked the place and recommend this as the ultimate place to hang around during weekends. It’s busy during weekends and people from surrounding cities and towns prefer to send the weekend with family and friends. The charges for the rooms are slightly pricey and they are subjected to cancellation compensation charges if you plan to cancel your trip on a short notice. Minimum 15 days is the period permissible to cancel a trip. The rooms have all amenities; it’s a serene and tranquil venue and quite ideal for honeymoon couple. If you are a first time visitor I bet you will love this place like anything. My overall rating for the place will be 4.5/5 stars.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Doha- the amalgamation of hospitality and sophistication

Pearl Qatar- Reflects Arabian lifestyle
My trip to Doha was never planned. It came out all of a sudden. Every year while booking tickets to home I prefer to travel via Doha. Doha, the capital city of Qatar a peninsular country situated in Western Asia whose terrain comprises of arid desert and the Persian Gulf. Being a busy hub connects almost 150 destinations have been the most preferred route due to convenience of accessibility quality airlines service. While I was travelling to my hometown Kolkata I had a layover of 12 hours. Such long hours in the airport seems to be a bit boring although there much to see and explore in the most modern airport. While I was exploring the airport something caught my eyes which were interesting. A free tour was arranged from the airport for people whole have flight at least 8 hours late. There are 4 such tours arranged by the Qatar airlines and I bumped into the idea. Immediately I spoke to the ground staffs and they helped me to book a seat for my family after confirming my boarding pass which showed that my flight was pretty late in the evening.
Doha schedule for guided tours


The tour was a complimentary gift from the airlines authority and I was overwhelmed to see a new county which I always considered was a transit to my desired destination. The tour was a guided one with a comfortable bus meant for city sight- touring. Just after boarding we were told about the rules and regulations to be maintained while on the tour. Special emphasis was given towards maintaining time limit to each and every point of interest. The disadvantages of not being in time were explained there by.  It was exciting to find a journey within a journey.

The Corniche

Dazzling pearl qatar at night

The first sight was Pearl Qatar which is man made island. Influenced and designed by world famous designers and architects of Spanish and French origin this place is a photographer’s delight. The Riviera living is situated by the side of La Croisette, a lively waterfront which has restaurants and shopping arcades lines by the sides. We stopped here to click pictures. It’s the ultimate of Arabian lifestyle combined with warmth and high standard of living. This is also called Porto Arabia.

Skyline compared to Manhattan

The skyline more or less resembled that of Manhattan but beauty is no way comparable. Qatar has opened its arms towards the world for employment and thereby making this city the ultimate of business hub. We were told that being a Qatari in Qatar itself is a matter of pride. Only 15% of the population is Qatari and rest all foreigners. Qatar promises 100 job guarantees to all its citizens- a rare occurrence anywhere in the world. Qatar is said to be the richest nation, GDP per capita being 75,117$ recorded in 2015. Flambuoncy and aristocracy have been reflected in the infrastructure of the city. We were taken around the US embassy zone where there was a no photography policy. I desired to have a view of the Al Jazeera HQ, (my favorite news channel next to BBC) but time constraint never allowed me to do so.

Museum of Islamic Art and culture

Our next halt was around the museum of Islamic art. Situated 7 kms away from cornice on the water front this building is considered as an architectural gem. The first view of the building resembled a burqa clad woman with only the eyes exposed to the world.  The entry to this museum is absolutely free. There is an option of a guided tour or you might opt for an audio guide and go all of your own. Ts a collection of masterpieces of Islamic art including- metalwork, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, 
glass and even textiles. These are collected from three continents dates back from 7th to 19th century. It’s a pleasure to watch the beautiful collection. On entrance the visitors were asked to be dressed modestly. Only full dress allowed for both men and women. No short length skirt or dress for ladies, skimpy or body hugging dressed allowed for ladies. For men no shorts or half sleeve T shirts could be allowed. They reserve all rights to deny permission to the museum in case they feel a person is not modestly dressed.

Katara centre- Doha

Next point of attraction was the Katara centre of art. It’s a huge structure spread over some hectares of land that proudly preserves the culture of Qatar. We were taken a tour of the amphitheatre, drama theatre, Golden masjid, Halls and galleries, media centre, Masjid of Katara and the Katara gardens.  It’s undoubtedly an alluring place to explore and to hang around.

Amphitheatre at Katara Art centre, Doha

We were taken around the city in special tourist buses organized by Qatar airlines. The commercial buildings were worth seeing. The architecture was truly splendid and all shapes of buildings reigned- zigzag, spindle shaped, slanted and boat shaped. Looks like the country invited and hired the best of brains in architectural excellence and dumbfounded the world with its ‘man made’ treasured assets.

Zigzag towers- Doha

Our last halt was the’ Souq waqif’a market place in the heart of the city with Arabian influence. This place had some remains of the medieval type buildings. It’s said those centuries before it used to be the ‘souq’ or market place for the Bedouins to sell their products. 
Souq waqif

Perfume store at Souq Waqif, Doha

It was almost at the verge of getting demolished when the Qatar Government in 2004 started remodeling this heritage site and made it a place of tourist attraction. There are various places to dine and shops which displayed antiques. We were told that this place is the mist happening in the city at evening hours when flavors of kebabs smoke in the air. Music, dance and food- it is the ultimate of Arabian euphoria. We shopped some souvenirs costing around (3-5) $; I make it a point that I should carry at least some memoirs of a place which I once visited.  We didn’t have time and space else I would have never missed a kebab meal and carry some exclusive handworks made from wood and shisha. Gold was being available in those shops making a much desired destination for goldaholics.

A perfect 3 hours tour was nearing its completion. We boarded the bus and were dropped at the airport. After regular security check we were waiting for our flights to take towards our final destination. My kids were tired yet excited and discussing the new places they visited. I thank the airlines from the bottom of my heart; myself being a frequent traveler in this country was truly privileged to visit this amazing city, observe the culture closely and cherish the amazing moments spent in the awesome city.  I promised to myself that next time I visit Doha I will never miss the sumptuous Arabian meal at souq waqif.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Spinach n egg frittata- the easy and yummy snack!

Yummy bite- spinach and cheese!

There is a great saying that mothers are the best doctors without a degree.  Weekends are always exciting for kids and family. But for a mom it’s the greatest challenge – what could be the next yummy snack for the family? This weekend was a usual one unless I turned it to be a bit exciting with my usual smart cooking skills. Well, what I did was to combine all the vegetable, bake a bit and the result was- spinach and egg frittata. For those kids who are expert in framing excuses to skip a meal of green veggies- this is the most appropriate solution.

  1. 2 medium sized bell peppers chopped into smaller pieces,
  2. 2 medium sized tomatoes chopped into smaller pieces,
  3. 1 bunch of spinach blanched into smaller pieces,
  4. ½ teaspoon of garlic paste,
  5. 1 medium sized potato skinned and chopped into smaller pieces,
  6. 2 medium sized onions chopped into smaller pieces,
  7. 7 eggs beaten,
  8. ½ teaspoon of salt,
  9. ½ teaspoon of black pepper powder,
  10. ½ cup of shredded cheddar cheese,
  11. Oil to fry the veggies.
Equipments used:
1.       Frying pan,
2.       Oven

  1. Take little oil in a skillet and add all the veggies including the garlic paste to it. Cook for some time till all the veggies are nicely cooked.
  2. Add the potatoes and cook for some time till it becomes soft.
  3. Add the chopped spinach leaves and
  4. Transfer the content to a baking tray.
  5. Place the beaten eggs over it.
  6. Transfer to an oven and bake it 180 degree Celsius for 15 minutes.
  7. When the egg is set then again top with the cheese.
  8. Again put to bake for 3-4 minutes till the cheese melts.
Remove and allow cooling.  Serve it to your family. Your kids will surely like it.