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Friday, 14 March 2014

Pork chops n apple sauce- try the difference of a 'paleo' meal!

Awesome combination of pork chops in apple sauce and snapped beans

This weekend I found some excellent collection at the supermarket. It was a packet of pork meat,spare- rib portion. I was going through a cookery programme in the television while an idea came to my head. Why not try a pure 100% paleo dinner. And I decided that there should be no traces of gluten in my plate. I tried and it became a success. Let me share for all my health conscious friends.
  1. 400 gms. of pork meat- spare ribs ,
  2. Lime juice extracted ( 4 tablespoons),
  3. Olive oil ( 2 tablespoons),
  4. Black  pepper ( ½ teaspoon),
  5. Sea salt ( ½ teaspoon),
  6. Garlic paste ( ½ teaspoon),
  7. Rosemary leaves dried ( 3/4th teaspoon),
  8. Apple ( 2 medium sizes de skinned and chopped into smaller pieces),
  9. Honey ( 2 tablespoons),
  10. Yoghurt (1 teaspoon).
  1. Take the meat and separate the ribs. Marinate with olive oil, black pepper, sea salt and lemon juice extract.
  2. Keep in marinated condition for 15 minutes.
  3. You may take the green beans snapped on both sides. Trim them to equal sizes.  Rub black pepper, lemon juice extract and sea salt over it.
  4. Now it’s time to prepare the apple sauce. It can be prepared in a very simple manner. In a microwave proof bowel keep the apples, honey and 1 table spoon lime juice extract. Cook for 10 minutes. When the apples soften and the juices come out then allow to cool down. Add 1 teaspoon yoghurt and mix evenly for the consistency. You may use a hand blender for the even texture.
  5. Pre heat your oven at 400 degree Fahrenheit. Lay the marinated meat pieces over the grid and cook in grill mode for 30 minutes. You may change the sides when you observe one side to change colour.
When it’s ready serve the lamb chops accompanied with green beans. Enjoy the meat with apple sauce. This dish is truly awesome and mouth watering.

Friday, 3 January 2014

6 Ballygunge Place: Nothing compared to a mouth watering Bengali meal !

Branding that attracts you
I am a foodie and a cook. But what I like most is enjoying Bengali cuisine cooked in traditional style. Last time when I went to my hometown Kolkata, I discovered a new outlet of the famous restaurant ’ 6 Ballygunge Place’ which has got various outlets in Kolkata and even in other metro cities. I was aware of the quality of food and style of dining as I heard a lot about it from my friends, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to experience traditional Bengali style dining. It’s situated at the heart of Behala, very near to the D.H.Road. Situated on a second floor of a shopping mall, it’s an attractive entrance with mind boggling displays near the main door.
The trendy outlook
The first glance: The very appearance of the restaurant is quite trendy. We saw dining tables with the capacity of 4. Cute stainless steel crokeries were displayed with a wall decor of Old Kolkata paintings. The sepia based paintings and white wall paint decor gave a nice feel. The waiters were quite hospitable and offered hot towels and a menu card. The feel of the menu card was like that of a wedding reception. The waiters used stainless steel bowls and spoons to serve food. The table decor was awesome. I was amazed to see poems encrypted on the table mats. A good ‘eye catcher’ and time pass for a customer.

The attractive table decor

The service: The service is truly good. We were offered traditional Bengali menu. The waiters very much hospitable and were focussed to serve their best. We were given a choice of vegetarian and non –vegetarian plate. Non vegetarian had two choice- fish plate and mutton plate. Both ended up in mango chutney and sweet dish. Separate menu card was offered for kids under the age of 12.The table and the inside decor made us feel comfortable. It was an air conditioned dining room with a capacity of 50 persons. The waiters constantly monitored the plates and offered unlimited food. Fish, luchi and sweet dish was not unlimited though.
Mouth watering 'never ending'variety
Food: It’s an awesome place to enjoy traditional Bengali food at a reasonable rate. Were were offered- luchi, basmati rice, shredded potato fries called jhuri aloo bhaja, palak saag, shukto, alu dum sabji and mung dal. We were offered 4 luchis per plate. This is the menu for a simple vegetarian meal which costs 250INR denoted as the starting range. A fish mutton meal will have a plate of additional two medium sized mutton pieces. A fish plate will have an additional two pieces of medium sized prawns cooked in coconut sauce. The food was tasty and was cooked in the minimum possible oil. It was an enjoyable meal. We were offered mango chutney and mishit doi at last. The mishti doi was given in country pot or bhar. The chingri malaaikari was awesome and so was the mishit doi. The floor price of the plates was 250 INR and the ceiling price was 550INR. It is a great meal at a reasonable cost.
The Happy ending

Verdict: Anybody fond of traditional Bengali food is advised to come here and try the awesome chingri malaaikari dish. Mishti Doi is mouth watering; it’s denoted as the culture food of Bengal. During festivals like Durga puja, Poila Baisakh and  weekends are always filled to hundred percent capacity. Kolkattans like to enjoy mouth watering traditional food at restaurants rather than cooking at home. At least the present working couple generation likes to enjoy world class food at a comfortable restaurant. So, if you have guests at home who’s visiting Kolkata for the first time never miss the chance of bringing him to 6 Ballygunge place , the brand name being ‘ Chakum Chukum

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Serengeti National Park- the ultimate of wild life experience!

I have heard many a times about Serengeti National Park. This year I made up my mind that I will experience the ultimate of wildest adventures and observe the wild beauties from a close distance. From Arusha it took me six hours by road to reach the Serengeti plains via the Ngorongoro conservation area. It was an exciting experience. Rated by UNESCO as one of the best wild life conservation areas of the world it was a protected since 1942. We learnt that it was a vast area of 15,000 square kilometres dominated by wild herbivores and carnivores.

Various moments of a cheetah captured

 The first and foremost sight that caught my eyes was a cheetah family sitting on a rock. It appeared like a royal personality watching its prey from the watch tower. We came near and photographed. The guide told that the visitors need to be careful and should not come near 50 feet distance as it is a punishable offence.   We photographed it's moves from a distance inside the jeep.

Uncomparable hospitality

We landed up in a hotel in the jungle area. Amazingly these hotels have got all the amenities that a human need in his life. Most important was that you could see wild beauties like giraffe and impala grazing near the fence and hear the howling of hyena at night. That was a thrilling experience. The visitors opt for – game drive and balloon safari. The hotels give the detailed information and necessary arrangement. Adventure experts even prefer to go for walking safari and a photographic tour.  


The wild grass eaters

 The next morning after having a wholesome breakfast proceeded on our way where our eyes caught a family of giraffes. These beauties crossed our vehicle and allowed us to photograph. Other creatures like impala, elephant and buffalo were available on the way. The road was a rough one and the open roof jeeps were suitable for viewing the animals. We were given a binocular which allowed us to see the creatures from quite a long distance. The buffaloes were strong creatures and I was amazingly watching them covered in mud. The reason was told as they want to get rid of the parasites on their body my mud arresting them and finally rubbing against some trees.


The King Lion


The Lion family

At about 11 am we came across a family of lions which was the most memorable experience of my life. There was about a group of 15 lion and lionesses resting against a marshy land. We photographed the king lion and the lioness too. The cubs were busy mudding each other.  With great vigour and pride the ' Lion king ' stared at us with welcoming eyes and allowed us to get his rare photographs and video clippage.

Climbing Lion - a rare view

We approached a bit further and saw another wonder. It was a lioness sitting on a branch of tree. Almost ten visitor vehicle gathered on the place and photographed this rare moment. We were told that climbing lions are seen in Lake Manyara but we were truly luck to see that in Serengeti.


The leopard moves recorded

Approaching a bit further our eyes caught of a bright black and white stripe hiding in the bushes. Carefully observing with a binocular we found that it was a leopard. We recorded every step of it and as it approached near the tourist vehicles, carefully crossed the road and reached at the bottom of a tree where it was in the mood to rest.


The Serengeti information centre and picnic site

The game drive has got beautiful picnic sites where you can park your car, relax and have your lunch packed by the hotel. The Serengeti information centre has a decent place to sit and enjoy lunch. The guides at the information centre will impart knowledge on the types of flora and fauna found in the area. Skeletons of various animals were found at the information centre. I was nice to watch the jungle and map and see where you are standing along with the vivid flora and fauna description.


Eye soothing savannah grassland

Our eyes were accustomed to see the various flora in the plains. It was nice watching the savannah grassland vegetation. 


Migration of the wildebeest

The next day early in the morning we saw the wildebeests in a line which was denoted as the ‘line of migration’.  These herbivores form a line and follow each other blindly in search if the soft green grass. They were migrating from the Masai mara conservation area. Animals unknowingly cross the geographical border in search of grass. It’s a wonderful phenomenon. 

Serengeti- a home to the wild beauties!
With over 70 larger mammal and 500 avifauna species available, Serengeti boasts to be one of the greatest game reserves in this planet. I will say that it’s a scintillating experience watching this wild population, understanding their nature and life. The hospitality is incomparable, the management is efficient and facilitates tourist to have a pleasant ride.

My utmost request to any poacher reading this article is ‘Live and let live’ and say ‘no poaching’ and conserve the rarest of the wild beauties to restore the ecological balance of the world.




Friday, 13 December 2013

The Magical tiffin box- My dream project


My dear readers and friends,
I have been writing since the last two years and have come very close to you. I have penned down my experience on travel articles, restaurant reviews and recipes. What is dear to me is that I pen down from my heart. I understand that the life of a 21st century woman is truly challenging. She has to manage the 360 degrees of life; it’s her right to deserve the best. 21st century moms are truly ‘Dashabhuja’ as she multi tasks and maintains her family’s health. 

There is an eternal problem faced by moms. What to pack for the little darling’s lunch the next day. Nutrition , variety and taste- three factors should complement. A mom will love to see the tiffin box come empty. In this context I am grateful to Ms. Chandralekha Maitreye of Leadstart Publication who inducted the idea of writing unique recipes on tiffin box item since that is the daily requirement of all Indian mothers.’ The magical tiffin box.....that never comes empty’. It contains total 110 unique recipes easy to follow and cook. It’s my dedication to the 21st century moms. The categories of recipes are- vegetarian, non vegetarian, diabetic and ‘wow’ or quick party treats.

This is a collection of simple recipes that can be prepared in minutes keeping the nutritional content intact since, no mother will ever like to cheat on nutrition. Modern equipments like microwave, oven are required- this will make life easier and required to try these recipes.

My earnest request to all my readers, please read the articles, try your hands in it and give me a feedback in  You may check the link in website.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Herbed Nile Perch Fried- get indulged in the sinful act......................!!


Crunchy , yummy outer coating with the soft fish in every bite
One fine day I was watching a TV program while the idea of herbed fish came to my mind. The Mediterranean dishes make use of herbs especially in sea food cuisine. So, why not make use of fresh herbs and prepare a fish dish? It took me hard 30 minutes in the kitchen and my friends, it was an amazing deal. Let me share my experience with all of you. 


800 gms Nile Perch fish fillet,

1 teaspoon garlic paste,

½ teaspoon sea salt,

1 tablespoon (chopped oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme and cilantro),

1 ½ teaspoons of balsamic vinegar,

1 teaspoon ground black pepper,

1 teaspoon fish bar be que sauce,

1 egg beaten,

Bread crumbs for coating,

Oil for frying.


  1. Place the fish fillet over a chopping board. Spread garlic paste over it.
  2. Sprinkle black pepper and salt over it.
  3. Prepare a paste of egg beaten, vinegar and bar be que sauce.
  4. Pour the paste all over the fish. Use a brush to spread it evenly.
  5. Grate the herbs roughly and sprinkle over the fish. It will emit a nice smell. Marinate in this condition for 10 minutes.
  6. Spread the bread crumbs over a dish and coat the fish fillets with it.
  7. Heat oil in a frying pan. Lay the coated fish over it and fry in medium heat for 5 minutes on both sides.
  8. Remove and serve with boiled veggies.

Enjoy this mouth watering sea food dish with boiled veggies tossed in olive oil. A touch of fresh will rejuvenate your senses. Indulge yourself in the sinful act of enjoying awesome cuisine right from your kitchen.








Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spinach n veggies stew- Paleo kick start to weight loss!

The delicious way to weight loss!
The present trend of nutrition suggested by experts is ‘Paleo way of fooding’, where there is no space for gluten and sugar. Instead there are many substitutes to natural sugar. I was enjoying a TV program where I got the idea of preparing this stew.  If you are on the process of weight loss in natural process then this will be the most desired recipe you are looking for.  Believe me, I tried it this weekend and thought of making a ‘must’ in my diet  for a longer term as I was determined to lose those extra kilos through dieting.


  1. 2 long carrots peeled and chopped,
  2. ½ cup spinach chopped,
  3. ½ cup broccoli chopped,
  4. 2 medium sized tomatoes chopped,
  5. 1 teaspoon thyme,
  6. ½  teaspoon garlic paste,
  7. 1 teaspoon sea salt,
  8. Olive oil for frying,
  9. 2 medium sized onions chopped,
  10.  2 cups vegetable stock,
  11. 1/3rd cup green peas,
  12. ½ teaspoon black pepper.

  1. Chop the vegetable and remove the stock, keep aside.
  2.  Heat olive oil in a stock pan; add onions, green peas,tomatoes and garlic. Cook till the veggies get soft.
  3. Add broccoli to it. Add salt, thyme and black pepper. Add the chopped spinach and stir the ingredients.
  4. Add the vegetable stock to it and cook for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove, cool down and serve in soup bowls.

You will definitely love the taste. Make it a mandatory item during lunch.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Arsalan- The glory of Kolkata

 Location:  Diamond Harbour Road, opposite to Mint

Arsalan is the recent name to eating extravaganza for Kolkata. Having it’s main branch in Park circus and three outlets in Kolkata, it stands as the scintillating eating sensation for South Kolkatans’.  This time I had the opportunity of experiencing the culinary delight of this famous restaurant after getting to know a lot about the irresistible dishes by some of my food lover friends. 
Captivating d├ęcor

The First glance: The very concept of Mughal food has its origin and popularity from Lucknow. The main motive of the team Arsalan is to rejuvenate the culinary culture of the Mughal period, rich cultural history of food. In fact South Kolkattans are truly adamant to wait long standing queue for a packet of biriyani/kebab. I was truly amazed at this scene whenever I passed by the counter of Arsalan situated near Mint, Majherhat. The location will attract any passerby although the decor inside is more attractive than outside. 
The mesmerizing table art
Kolkata goes crazy for the taste of biriyani
  The service: It’s truly ideal for food lover Bengalis. The take away counter has a restaurant upstairs. It’s an air conditioned arena with a capacity to accommodate 50 people at a time. The very concept of the table mat which was encrypted with a brief history on biriyani did impress me a lot. The decor was minimum but truly comfortable. We were presented with a menu card from which we ordered some variety of food items. The price range of food varied from 100 INR to 250 INR.
Busy employees dedicated to serve the best
  The food: The restaurant has a wide range of food item.  Starting from kebabs, chicken curries, mutton curries, parantha and biriyani, it’s truly a mind boggling collection. The kitchen was a busy place with raw materials, semi prepared materials which was roasted to perfection inside a tandoor; it’s interesting for a customer to see the process while waiting in queue for the food ordered. The food is truly yummy; kebabs are delicious with a soft centre and melt in mouth taste. Biriyani is a wonderful conglomerance of meat blended in rich traditional spice and aromatic basmati rice. In fact the food is cooked to a delicious perfection that will never leave you uncomfortable or uneasy as all food are cooked with healthy oil. 
Kebabs with the melt in mouth feel
Biriyani reminds the nawabi style
Lachcha Parantha- it's too good!

The verdict: Arsalan has bagged up a number of awards for excellence in food quality and taste by the customers as well as some well known establishments who are continuously benchmarking the standards of restaurants.  Telegraph, and zomato are some of the organizations that recognized, appreciated and publicized the food quality and service of the restaurant. It’s said that festival hours are the most demanded hours in Kolkata where restaurants earn the most. Might be it’s difficult to step in without a proper prior table booking. The proudly displayed certificate on the walls stands very much with the quality of food; I will admit that they maintain the high standards in quality and service. It’s a suggestion that any person fond of Mughlai food must visit Arsalan at least once during his stay in Kolkata.

The burrp certification 
Recommended by others